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about us

about us

Plasma Datis Company is dedicated to improve quality and efficiency in all industries we serve.


Today’s world trade is rapidly changing due to complex relations caused by globalization of economic activities. Because of rapid exchange of information and more importantly, quick access to new customers due to advanced IT technology, accessing local, regional and overseas markets is very challenging.


In this ever changing and highly competitive economic environment, only companies overtake their rivals which choose honesty, reliability, knowledge, expertise and above average abilities in their way of providing second to none services to their customers and always value their customers’ opinions and also customer satisfaction, is known to them as a key to success.


Our Company’s expertise is as follow:


  1. Consultation, Computation, Design and Choosing the right compressor to meet your needs


    Computing and providing necessary consultation in order to choose the right compressor that suits your needs.

    Designing and manufacturing different hydraulic and pneumatic testers.

    Computing and choosing right booster for any application.

    We help our customers in consultation, computing, design and choosing hydraulic systems.

    We design and execute high pressure hydrostatic testers.

    We design and execute C.N.G subsystems’ testing facilities.

    We design and manufacture C.N.G testers.

    Execution of automation on testers.

    Design, manufacturing and execution of different industrial automation systems.

    Design and fabrication of various analogue and digital electronic circuits.

    Design, fabrication, installation and starting of various industrial control and switch boards.


  2. Installation and Starting


    Installation and starting of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


    Installation of high and low pressure compressors and related accessories, fittings and piping.


    Installation of electric and electronic control board of compressors.


    Low pressure and high pressure piping from compressor to tanks and point of use from design to execution, according to manufacturers’ standards.


    Installation of booster systems.


  3. Trouble Shooting, Main Overhaul and After Sale Services of Compressors

    Planning and execution of overhaul program of all compressor made and types including:


    Providing genuine spare parts and accessories of well known brands.

    Major services, including design and manufacturing of faulty parts if original parts are not available.

    Repair and improving of compressors control systems and boards.

    Minor and major repairing and servicing of high pressure boosters.

    Repairing of hydraulic systems including: trouble shooting, repairing of hydraulic systems and pumps.

    Trouble shooting and repairing of hydrostatic testers.

    Repairing of all testing and measuring equipments.

    Repairing of all electronic equipments.


  4. Specialized Abilities in High Pressure Systems


    Destructive testing of high pressure tanks.

    Designing of high pressure tanks chamber according to destructive testing results.

    Destructive testing of high pressure piping network.

    Designing piping system fittings and brackets according to working pressure.

    Destructive testing of C.N.G elements during manufacturing phase and designing workshop safety system.


  5. Documentation Including:

Preparation and documentation of piping design.

Preparation and documentation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Preparation and instruction of assembling and production process.

Documentation of destructive testing of high pressure elements.

Documentation of destructive testing of C.N.G elements.

Documentation of explosion proof chambers.

Documentation of monitoring and inspection of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

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