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Mining Excavation and Exploration


Mining Excavation and Exploration

Air compressors, oxygen and nitrogen generators, air treatment equipment and dryers have wide range of applications in mining, excavation and exploration sector.

Compressed air has many applications in almost all mines. In fact so far no real substitute has been found for compressed air for various operations in mining industry.

Compressors are used in mining for:

■ Drilling holes for blasting
■ Mucking machines
■ Scraper-hoists
■ Ventilation fans
■ Conveyors
■ Pneumatic chisels
■ Pneumatic rock breakers
■ Pneumatic jackhammers
■ Hydraulic stone crushers
■ Automatic pneumatic jacks

And many other applications.

Drilling holes for blasting: Compressed air is used for drilling holes in mines for inserting explosives and blasting rocks.

Mucking machines: Are used for removing blasted material out of mimes or loading them on conveyors for further processing.

Scraper-hoists: Air hoists have been used for lifting in various industries including mining since 1900’s. Using compressed air for lifting has come a long way since then. Today’s advance technology offers air hoist with 120 tons lift capacity with even food grade applications and also with a wide array of options and accessories.

Ventilation: Along with ventilation fans which use compressed air for operation, air compressed by compressors passes through air treatment equipments, filters and dryers in order to obtain quality, dry, contaminant free air for breathing.

Conveyors: Air operated conveyors are among mining equipment which use compressed air. They are used for transferring ore, rocks, blasted materials,…., to surface and out of mines for further processing in other machines such as stone crushers. They are also used for moving bulk materials that are suspended in an air stream that is introduced by a positive pressure blower upstream of material intake points, or by a vacuum pump that removes air from the system downstream of material discharge points in other industries such as cement factories.    

Pneumatic chisels: Among pneumatic tools and equipments which use compressed air, pneumatic chisel is used in construction, mining, excavation, cutting metal objects and many other applications.

Pneumatic jackhammers: They have similar applications as pneumatic chisels and same as them, they are used in various industries such as mining, quarrying, excavation, tunneling and other industries for breaking rocks, pavement, concrete, asphalt, etc.

Hydraulic stone crushers: Pneumatic stone crushers use compressed air for crushing stones and rocks. They are used in mines, quarries and other industries for crushing stones and rocks for further processes.

Automatic pneumatic jacks: These air operated tools have endless applications in mining, auto service shops, construction and handling materials and they are manufactured in various shapes, sizes and different capacities.

Gold Mining: On Site systems are operating now in some of the world’s most remote mines. Regardless of the altitude, climate, or conditions, oxygen generators operate without failure. By using oxygen to convert mineral sulfides to sulfates and processing them, gold yield can be more than doubled over standard ore gravity separation and concentration. By sparging %94- %95 oxygen into a thickened flotation concentrate (which has been heated under pressure) an oxidized slurry results. Not only are U.S. sulphides converted to U.S. sulphates by the O2, but arsenic is converted to ferric arsenate. After neutralizing the oxidized slurry with lime, the slurry can be leached, and gold-bearing solutions recovered and filtered to create the additional yield. The volume of O2 required for the process dictates that the facility have easy access to either cryogenically produced, bulk liquid oxygen, or have the ability to produce its own oxygen. Even if cryogenic O2 is available from a reasonable distance, access for a bulk liquid carrier to the facility is usually a major issue. PSA produced O2 lends itself perfectly to such an application.

Nitrogen is used in mining industry for extinguishing coal mine fires or to inert abandoned areas of mines. Reducing oxygen content of the combustive gases below the lower limit of explosion is another effective method to extinguish coal mine fires.

Compressed air is used in excavation and removing material in many industries.

In pneumatic excavation compressors are used for production of compressed air for pneumatic tools which break up soli and underlying aggregate. Then materials are removed with an industrial vacuum truck. This method leaves excavation site dry with no saturated walls which itself results in more stable and safer working environment. If necessary, after completion the material can be placed back into the excavation and compacted to its original state. Also, if the excavation is extremely large the vacuum truck can be offloaded on site and work can resume without constructing a material pit or dewatering bin.

Air-Spade utilizes compressed air for excavation. This new design pneumatic tool concentrates the air into a cone shape which has been engineered to break up the soil and aggregate for removal without harming or damaging underlying utilities such as gas or water pipeline.   

Compressors used in Oil and Gas Industries for exploring new resources and other application.

Nitrogen generators and compressors are used in gas and oil industries. They are key components of mentioned industries infrastructure.

Compressors are used for:

■ Air guns/surveying the seabed (Seismic applications)
■ Cleaning pipelines
■ Checking pipelines
■ Desulphurisation
■ Feeding natural gas and air into relevant networks
■ Feeding biomethane into the national and international network
■ Motion compensation on board floating crude-oil and gas platforms
■ Recovering gas lost as a result of leakage
■ Rig tensioning
■ Starting air
■ Subsea
■ Water hammering

Compressors are used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries in a variety of applications. They are used in floating oil and gas platforms in order to compensate for the natural movement of the sea and thus help to ensure that drilling and production can continue even when sea is rough. Compressors are used in engine rooms of ships, onboard of exploration vessels which use air guns for surveying seabed around the world for finding and exploiting new oil or gas resources. Compressors also play a key role in transporting oil and gas and other petrochemical products via pipelines. They are used in containers mounted on mobile units used during the construction and subsequent operation of oil and gas supply pipelines.

Nitrogen generators are widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Nitrogen is used to maintain the discharge pressure of a well or to protect components against other media which cause damages to system components.

■ Creating an inert atmosphere
■ Drilling deep wells
■ Drilling systems
■ Maintaining discharge pressure of wells
■ Transporting media
■ Filling fire-extinguishing systems

Compressors and nitrogen generators are used by:

■ Exploration firms
■ Manufacturers of nitrogen generators/membranes
■ Marine research institutions
■ Oil-field suppliers
■ Oil and gas refineries
■ Oil and gas pipeline constructors and operators
■ Petrochemical industries
■ Platform equipment suppliers



Plasma Datis supplies compressors and nitrogen generators suitable for all oil and gas applications.


We supply Nitrogen generators that produce between %95 - %99.999 pure nitrogen.


Compressors we supply for these industries range from:


■ Flow rate:              10 – 2,000 m3/h
■ Pressure range:      20 -400 bar
■ Medium:                Air - Nitrogen

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