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Textile Industries


Textile Industries

Compressed air is essential for Textile industries.

Compressors are used in Natural and Man-made textiles. They are almost used in every stage of textile industries particularly in factories where Airjet Looms are used. They are also used in Polyester yarn industries.

Compressed air is used in textile industries for:

■ Spinning machines (for controlling valves and cylinders)

■ Loom jet weaving

■ Winding machines

■ Stacking devices

■ Printing machines

■ Thread detectors

■ Sewing machines

■ Texturing

■ Automated equipment

■ Agitating liquids

■ Cleaning

■ Pneumatic control and actuators

■ System cooling

■ Clamping

■ Blowing out residual/dust

■ Sewing needle

■ Conveying applications

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