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Plastic Product


Plastic Product

Compressors are used in various plastic industries.

They are used in applications such as:

■ Mobile Phones Manufacturers

■ Automotive Parts Suppliers

■ Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

■ Manufacturers of Internal Gas-Pressure Systems

■ Manufacturers of Housing for Electronic Goods

and many other industries.

In vast and complex field of plastic industries, compressors are used for manufacturing PET bottles which are used for drinks, oils, shampoos etc. manufacturing of plastic housing for electronic goods such as home entertainment units, TVs, display monitors, microwave ovens, PC cases and accessories, laptops, vacuum cleaners, food processors, mobile phones, printers.

They are used in automotive industries for manufacturing of plastic parts of automobiles and many other plastic applications.

They need continuous supply of compressed air available in order to avoid production downtime. Compressors are used in plastic industries throughout the manufacturing process such as pneumatic tools, material handling, assembly lines, cleaning equipment and facilities.

Plasma Datis tailors air compressors to meet your needs. We supply compressors for a wide range of pressure and capacity for all industries.

Plasma Datis supplies compressors from 40 to 350 bar pressure and flow rate of 10 to 600 m3/h for air or nitrogen.

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