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In a wide variety of metallurgical applications including entire range of processes and using metals, metalloids and non-metals, medium and high-pressure compressors are used. Compressed air covers about 35-40% of the metal industries’ required energy consumption.


Compressors are used in metallurgy for:


■ Descalers – descalling
■ Raising pressure for steel presses
■ Argon and nitrogen for carbon treatment
■ Vacuum melting
■ Controls and actuators
■ Hoisting
■ Assembly station powering
■ Tool powering
■ Injection molding
■ Spraying


Descalers – descalling: For cleaning the surface of products before forming or cold rolling or coating operations, mill scales, rust, oxides, oil, grease and soil are chemically removed from the surface of the steel using air blasting.

Raising pressure for steel presses: Compressors are used to produce steel and alter the carbon content in blast furnaces, press the steel into slabs and treat them as well.

Argon and nitrogen for carbon treatment: Metal heat treatments are the processes used to change physical and chemical properties of a material. Protective atmospheres can be obtained by production on site or by using synthetic atmospheres made by nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide or a mixture of them. Nitrogen and argon under high pressure are used in vacuum heat treatment furnaces during cooling phase.


Vacuum melting: For producing premium grade alloys which are used in aerospace, energy, medical and automotive industries vacuum melting method is used. This approach gives the metals manufacturers more control over alloy chemistry. This method results in a cleaner, more uniform product with the superior properties required for critical service applications. Vacuum melting provides high-purity microstructure.

Controls and actuators: Nowadays in many industries compressed air is used in pneumatic actuators and controls for various applications. Pneumatic actuators are devices which provide power and movement to automated systems, machines and processes. These pneumatic tools come in different designs and are used in a wide range of industries. Most of them are simple, low cost, easy to install and are ideal for producing powerful linear movement. There are single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, magnetic cylinders, rodless cylinders, rotary actuators, clamping cylinders and other designs for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Hoisting: Air hoists have been used for lifting in various industries including metallurgy, since 1900’s. Using compressed air for lifting has come a long way since then. Today’s advance technology offers air hoist with 120 tons lift capacity with even food grade applications and also with a wide array of options and accessories.

Assembly station powering: Compressed air is used to power pneumatic tools is assembly stations in many industries. Air-powered tools have the capability for infinitely variable speed and torque control and can reach a desired speed and torque very quickly. Also they are often selected for safety reasons because they don’t produce sparks and have low heat build-up.    


Injection molding: In this method of manufacturing, molten metal is injected into a mold cavity then it is cooled and hardens to the shape of the mold. It is widely used for manufacturing of variety of parts, body panels of cars, gears, etc.

Spraying: Compressors are used to produce compressed air then air treatment equipment such as filters, separators and dryers, are used to purify compressed air and remove moisture, oil droplets and other contaminants. Compressed, cooled, dried air is used for spraying paint and other necessary substances on the product.

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