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Oil , Gas And Petrochemical


Oil , Gas And Petrochemical

Nitrogen generators and compressors are used in gas and oil industries. They are key components of mentioned industries infrastructure.

Compressors are used for:

■ Air guns/surveying the seabed (Seismic applications)
■ Cleaning pipelines
■ Checking pipelines
■ Desulphurisation
■ Feeding natural gas and air into relevant networks
■ Feeding biomethane into the national and international network
■ Motion compensation on board floating crude-oil and gas platforms
■ Recovering gas lost as a result of leakage
■ Rig tensioning
■ Starting air
■ Subsea
■ Water hammering

Compressors are used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries in a variety of applications.
They are used in floating oil and gas platforms in order to compensate for the natural movement of the sea and thus help to ensure that drilling and production can continue even when sea is rough.
Compressors are used in engine rooms of ships, onboard of exploration vessels which use air guns for surveying seabed around the world for finding and exploiting new oil or gas resources.
Compressors also play a key role in transporting oil and gas and other petrochemical products via pipelines. They are used in containers mounted on mobile units used during the construction and subsequent operation of oil and gas supply pipelines.

Nitrogen generators are widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Nitrogen is used to maintain the discharge pressure of a well or to protect components against other media which cause damages to system components.

■ Creating an inert atmosphere
■ Drilling deep wells
■ Drilling systems
■ Maintaining discharge pressure of wells
■ Transporting media
■ Filling fire-extinguishing systems

Compressors and nitrogen generators are used by:

■ Exploration firms
■ Manufacturers of nitrogen generators/membranes
■ Marine research institutions
■ Oil-field suppliers
■ Oil and gas refineries
■ Oil and gas pipeline constructors and operators
■ Petrochemical industries
■ Platform equipment suppliers

Plasma Datis supplies compressors and nitrogen generators suitable for all oil and gas applications.

We supply Nitrogen generators that produce between %95 - %99.999 pure nitrogen.

Compressors we supply for these industries range from:

■ Flow rate:                 10 – 2,000 m3/h
■ Pressure range:          20 - 400 bar
■ Medium:                   Air - Nitrogen

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