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Agricultural , Fishery Industries


Agricultural , Fishery Industries

J.P.Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH compressors have various applications in agriculture, aquaculture and fishery industries. In designing Sauer compressors, working 24/7 without failure, low maintenance and operation costs, harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and humidity has been considered.

Compressors, nitrogen and oxygen generators and air treatment equipments, are used in agriculture and fishery industries.

Agriculture: In today’s agriculture industry, many of the machines and operations utilize compressed air for a continuous or intermittent supply of clean, pressurized air. They rely on continuous on demand compressed air.

Compressors are used in agriculture for supplying large amounts of air to operate farming equipment such as:

■ Automated crop sprayers
■ Dairy machines
■ Product conveyors
■ Pneumatic material handling machines
■ Inflating tires
■ Servicing machinery and equipments
■ Transportation of excess foods, grains and other products to silos
■ Ventilation for industrial greenhouses

And countless other applications.

Aquaculture: Fish farming is one of the industries which highly relies on oxygen generators. In fishery industry, they use ponds, large scale tanks, pools etc. for growing fish. When fish grow the density of fish increases in the ponds and therefore need for oxygen increases as well. Adding oxygen into the water prevents loss of fish also helps them to grow faster and healthier while brings down mortality rate below %1 if oxygen saturation level goes above %90.

Nitrogen in agriculture

One of the most important nutrients for crop growth and reproduction is nitrogen. It is also the major nutrient which can be controlled by producer. It exists in many different chemical forms and passes around natural and agricultural ecosystems in cycle. Nitrogen availability to plants is determined by its form. Sustainability of production is affected by the supply of useable nitrogen and the rate of losses from the soil.

Nitrogen is essential for photo synthesis since it is a key component of chlorophyll. It is also a basic element of plant and animal proteins which is in genetic material DNA and RNA and very important in periods of rapid plant growth.

Plants and crops use nitrogen by absorbing nitrate or ammonium ions through their roots.  Nitrogen is mostly used by the plant to produce protein and nucleic acid.

Nitrogen gas (N2): In this form, it makes up %78 of atmosphere. Although it is not directly available for use by plants but it is directly used in nitrogen fixation and industrial fertilizer manufacturing.

Nitrogen Generators: Compressed air supplied by a dedicated air compressor is used for generating nitrogen. Then the compressed air passes through sets of filters to eliminate impurities before entering into the nitrogen generator. Then filtered compressed air passes through another filter that removes oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules resulting in a high purity of nitrogen gas.

Ammonia (NH3) Production: Ammonia is a gas that contains nitrogen. It is unavailable to plants in this form. However, it is involved in the cycling of nitrogen in the soil. For producing nitrogenous fertilizer, ammonia is the basic chemical that is used. Ammonia is produced from water, air and energy. Steam reformation process of light hydrocarbon such as Natural Gas is the most efficient way for production of ammonia. Pressure between 23 bar to 34 bar is needed for production and purification of synthesis gas.

Nitrate (NO3-): Nitrate, as it’s obvious from its formula, is an ionic form of nitrogen and the most common form that is available to plants and crops. It is mobile, leachable and usually the end product of mineralization.

Plasma Datis supplies air compressors, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen generators used in agriculture, aquaculture and fertilizer manufacturing industries. Also we provide air treatment equipment used in various fields for variety of application made by well known European and American companies.

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