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Cosmetic and Hygienic Industries


Cosmetic and Hygienic Industries

Compressors, air and gas treatment equipment, nitrogen and carbon dioxide generators are used in cosmetic and hygienic manufacturing industries.

The cosmetic and hygienic production plants are characterized by a series of highly sensitive processes. In various applications in both industries, providing a high-quality gas and contaminant free, high quality clean air with consistent supply are essential.

Some of the applications in cosmetic and hygienic industries:


Sterile air/gas
Compressed gas in the production of raw materials for cosmetics, detergents, hygienic products etc.
CO2 or N2 supply of facilities for production, storage, filling, packaging and transport of medicines, cosmetics or chemical products.
Recovery of carbon dioxide from waste gases.
CO2 production from fossil combustion or CO2 generators.
Recovery of process gases from solvent-based process air, for example, in closed process cycles.
Compressed air supply for residue combustion.
General oil-free compressed air generation systems for instrument and process air.
Control valve and cylinders.
Material handling.
Nitrogen generation.
Air curtains.
Product drying


Sterile air/gas: Wherever gas or air come into contact with product during processes such as product transfer and tank purging, sterile air or gas is required. Without sterilizing gas or air that comes into contact with product, it can easily cause microbiological contamination of the finished product. Sterile filters are chosen to fit specific needs, requirements and standards of these industries.


Compressors: For production of raw and primary materials for cosmetics, detergents, hygienic products, etc. compressors are used for compression of air or gas or a gas mixture according to customer specification and production requirements.


CO2 or N2 generation: Through whole production line in cosmetics, detergents, hygienic products theses gases are used in many applications including production machines, transferring raw materials and products, filling, packaging and storage.


Recovery of CO2: Carbon dioxide is recovered from waste gases in order to be reused in production processes such as providing inert environment for final products by being injected and frequently removed multiple times to eliminate oxygen from the package.


CO2 production: Fossil combustion method or carbon dioxide generators are used to produce carbon dioxide required in various stages of production in these industries.  


Recovery of process gases: In production of cosmetics and hygienic products, different gases are used in various processes. These gases are usually recovered in order to be reused in production line, packaging and storage stages in order to reduce production costs and final product cost.


Air Compressors: Compressors are used in order to supply compressed air for combustion of residue generated during different processes.


Oil-free compressed air: After air is compressed to required pressure, air treatment systems are used to remove oil and other contaminants from pressurized air in order to provide relatively clean air for instrument and process air.



Control valves and cylinders: Equipment used in the manufacturing process is controlled by compressed air.

Material handling: Compressed air operated fluid pumping systems are used in volatile environments without risking explosions.

Nitrogen generation: Compressed air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen used in a variety of chemical applications.

Air curtains:Compressed air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area.

Product drying: Compressed air is mixed with product to accelerate drying processes.

Plasma Datis provides air compressors, nitrogen and carbon dioxide generators, sterile filters and other accessories and parts manufactured by world-known brands for cosmetics, detergents and hygienic manufacturing industries.


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