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Membrane Dryers

Membrane Dryers

Membrane Dryers

Plasma Datis supplies membrane dryers

Suitable, for all applications such as:

  Painting Plants

■   Instrument Air

■   Air Logic

■   Oil Platforms

  Mining Industry

■   Air Transport

■   Dental and Fluid Agitation

And many other applications.


Compressed air contains moisture in forms of water vapor or droplets, oil, debris and other contaminants which have internal or external origins.

No matter how small are these contaminants, if they are not separated and filtered from air or gas systems, they are going to cause many problems such as component malfunction, system failure, increased maintenance cost, premature wear of system components and many other issues due to contaminants mentioned above.


The purge air, saturated with water vapor and droplets is dispersed freely in the environment without noise exposure and without the need for a condensate treatment.


To avoid these problems and keep the system going, dryers are used to filter particles, oil, dust, water vapor, droplets …. and keep the system free of harmful contaminants.


Plasma Datis provides membrane dryers which are excellent alternative to refrigerant and adsorption dryers.

The membrane dryers, we supply, can be selected independently from the desired pressure dew point and they don’t need any maintenance. For protecting delicate membrane surface, it’s better to install a particle and oil-fine filtration system before this dryer. The appropriate filter combinations are available in our filter program.  


Membrane dryers are specially, suitable as point-of-use dryers or in areas where there is no electrical power supply available. Due to the dew point suppression, membranes provide in combination with refrigerant dryers extreme low pressure points.


Membrane dryers use small quantity of the compressed air as purge air. The quantity of purge air depends on the desired pressure dew point. Plasma Datis supplies membrane dryers in a pressure-resistant housing.


This construction offers the possibility to interrupt the purge air flow by means of an optionally mounted solenoid valve which can be operated from compressor on-off contact.


Some of membrane dryers’ advantages are:

■   Multifunctional Applications

■   No Moving Parts

■   No Liquid Condensate To Be Treated

■   No Loss Of Oxygen

■   No Electrical Connection for Operation


The outlet flow rate of membrane dryers range from 2.0 m3/h to 205.0 m3/h.

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