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Food Industries


Food Industries

Compressors are used in food industries in various applications.

Compressors, nitrogen generators and air treatment equipments are used in food industries in various applications such as:

■ Packaging

■ Food Filling Machines

■ Fluid Pumps

■ Nitrogen Generation

■ Air Knives

Packaging process uses compressed air, it is also used in conveying system to move food and ingredients.

Food Filling Machines use compressed air for filling products such as cakes, pies and liquid products.

Fluid Pumps use compressed air for moving liquid products in the production and filling process.

Nitrogen Generation involves filtration of compressed air which is used for packaging different products.

Air Knives use compressed air as a clean medium for cutting or peeling products such as fruits or onions.

Plasma Datis provides compressors, nitrogen generators, sterile filters and accessories for food industries.

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