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Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant Dryers

Plasma Datis provides high quality desiccant Dryers

This type of dryers have two pressure vessels or towers which are filled with desiccant material such as activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieve or other desiccant media.


The compressed air passes through these pressure towers where desiccant material absorbs water from compressed air. After water absorption by desiccant media, the dryer uses some compressed air from the system to blow off saturated desiccant bed.


Desiccant reduces pressure dew point of compressed air down in order to avoid water condensation. Dew point is about -40 ˚C in these dryers. In some industries suitable dew point is -70 ˚C which means less water condensation due to lower temperature.


Desiccant dryers have different methods for treating compressed air. There are three different types of desiccant dryers:


Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Heated Desiccant Dryers

Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers


Heatless Desiccant Dryers

These dryers divert some of dried compressed air to one of towers which is in idle state. This air flows through saturated desiccant and purge moisture through a muffler into the atmosphere. This cycle is called desiccant regeneration cycle.


Heated Desiccant Dryer

In these dryers, diverted dried air first passes through a high efficient external heater then enters idle tower in order to regenerate the desiccant media by the effect of heated air. Since in this method heated air is used for drying saturated desiccant material, half of the amount of dried compressed air is needed for this purpose comparing to heatless dryers.


Heated Blower Desiccant Dryer

In this technology, the machine is equipped with centrifugal blower which is designed to use ambient air through a heater and then through the idle tower to remove moisture from desiccant material. In this method, blower sucks the ambient air through heater then blows it into the tower with saturated desiccant media. The stream of hot air regenerates desiccant material and removes moisture from it.

Comparing to other two, they are more expensive, but they have significantly lower operating costs than other two due to little or no diversion of compressed air from the system for regeneration of desiccant material.


Plasma Datis offers desiccant dryers with pressure dewpoint as low as -70 ˚C with working conditions with %100 relative humidity and inlet temperature of  +35 ˚C more options such as dewpoint change-over, steam regeneration, limit switches, pressure control device, instrumentation, outdoor location adaption and By-passes as options in maintenance features.

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