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Electrical And Electronical Product


Electrical And Electronical Product

Electronic industries use compressed air and nitrogen in their production line.

 Electronics manufacturing involves %100 contamination-free clean air for smooth production and maintaining ultra clean manufacturing environment.

During electronics manufacturing, nitrogen gas is used to maintain a clean, dry, inert atmosphere.

Compressors and other air treatment accessories are used in electronics for:

■ Instrument air
■ Process air
■ Cleaning air
■ Nitrogen soldering
■ Waste water treatment
■ Electricity supply

Instrument air:

Instrument air or pneumatic signals is often used for automated instruments in process industries. Instrument air is used for picking, pressing, drilling, moving and placing electronic components. Atmospheric air is filtered, compressed, treated by dryers and finally, it’s used as instrument air. The instrument air supply system is typically consist of filters, compressors, separators, aftercoolers, intercoolers and air dryers.

Air used for this system is sucked in by compressor through air filter in order to eliminate any particles that can cause damage to the system and compressed to required pressure. Then the compressed air is dried using separators with demister pads and wire mesh. After this step, in order to dry compressed air further, dryers are used to remove moisture and droplets. Then dried and cooled compressed air is sent to instrument air supply headers which are equipped with low pressure alarm and very low pressure trip over which usually triggers shutdown of the whole system.

Process Air:

In electronics industries, toxic, reactive, hazardous and corrosive gases, organic solvents, particles and other contaminants from the process must be treated before they can be vented into atmosphere. Corrosive gases are used in the semiconductor fabrication process to clean process equipment and semiconductor wafers, to etch substrates and for chemical vapor deposition. Handling the exhaust gases from these operations in a way that protects the environment and workers’ health and safety is a major concern. In order to remove all contaminants generated through processing of manufacturing electronic components, air treatment technology is used.

Cleaning air:

In electronics industries cleaning air is used in many applications through entire process. It is used for cleaning and polishing PCB’s, removing chemical deposits on wafers after etching, cleaning air knives in LCD panel manufacturing and providing high quality clean air for clean-rooms.

Nitrogen soldering:

During electronics manufacturing, nitrogen gas is used to maintain a clean, dry, inert atmosphere. It is used particularly for reflow soldering of PCB’s, wave soldering of PCB’s, selective soldering of PCB’s, soldering with lead-free solder pastes and controlled atmosphere storage of SMD components. Soldering machines and drying cabinets, all rely on pure, sufficient and on-demand nitrogen supply.

Waste water treatment:

In electronics industries, recycling wastewater and reusing it as industrial water, is on the rise due to environmental regulations and water shortage in many industrial sites. Environmental protection authorities in any country have specific regulations and water quality requirements for wastewater discharge and treatment. Now, every electronics manufacturing plant should have its own water treatment plant in order to recycle wastewater and reuse it in production process.

Electricity supply:

Air compressors are used in electronics industries for starting diesel-engine generators in case of network power failure in order to avoid loss of production.

Plasma Datis provides a wide range of air compressors and oil free compressors, nitrogen and oxygen generators to suit specific requirements and high standards of electronics industries.

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