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Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated Air Dryer

There are three forms of water in compressed air: liquid water, aerosol (mist) and vapor (gas).


Liquid water can be easily removed by general purpose filters which usually remove %98 of liquid water and less than %10 of water mist.


For removing rest of the water in aerosol or vapor form, compressed air dryers are used. In practice, for every 10˚ C drop in compressed air temperature, the moisture holding capacity of air is reduced by %50.


Drying compressed air prevents liquid water forming in the system and avoids contamination or damaging the system and causing operation problems, costly maintenance and repairs.


How Does a Refrigerated Air Dryer work?


Refrigerated Air Dryers provide a system in order to reduce liquid water in compressed air systems. They cool down incoming compressed air in a section which is called air-to-air heat exchanger, then outgoing cool dry air pre-cools the hot incoming air and condenses some moisture out.


After this step, the incoming air enters an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger where the air is cooled down to 3.3˚ C. by the liquid refrigerant. This process causes the moisture to condense into liquid water and it is drained away. Then the outgoing air enters the air-to-air heat exchanger and is warmed up to keep the outside of pipes from sweating.


Refrigerated Air Dryers are chosen according to various parameters such as: capacity, ambient temperature, pressure, pressure dew point…. And they are used in order to avoid damages to equipment, tools and machines caused by liquid and moisture mixed with compressed air during process and also prevent negative effects of moisture and vapor on the quality of final products in variety of industries.


Refrigerated Air Dryers supplied by Plasma Datis are made by European and American well known companies. They have genuine guarantee with after sale and services plus original spare parts.


Some advantages of refrigerated air dryers are:


Low energy consumption

Non-corrosive air circuit made of copper and high-grade steel

Powder-coated steel construction

Unique heat exchange technology

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