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J.P.Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH compressors have various applications on construction sites. In designing Sauer compressors, working 24/7 without failure, low maintenance and operation costs, harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and humidity has been considered.

Air compressors are used to provide power to construction tools and machinery through pipes or hoses.

They are used to provide compressed air to:

    ■ Rock Drills
    ■ Jackhammers
    ■ Air Motors
    ■ Pumps
    ■ Nail Guns
    ■ Rivet Guns
    ■ Pneumatic Drills

and many other construction equipments.

Compressed air on construction sites is used for:

    ■ Boring Holes
    ■ Cutting Metals
    ■ Crushing Rock
    ■ Pouring Vibrated Concrete
    ■ Nailing
    ■ Riveting

and many other construction applications.

Plasma Datis provides various polyester slings for transportation and lifting loads in any form and shape and weight up to 24 tons, webbing slings, tubular round slings, stitched round slings, flat endless slings, cargo nets, cargo lashings, work positioning belt, industrial safety belt, full body harness, energy absorber, lanyards, self-retractable lanyards, safety set and various connectors for use in transportation, construction sites, shipyards, warehouses, ports, etc. for various applications.

For more information on these products, please go to Safety Industry Page.

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