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Filters For Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Filters For Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Filters Used In Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, all, have specific requirements for filter media such as:


Good chemical resistance

High separation efficiency

Discharge of electrostatic charges

High abrasion resistance

Suitable for clean-in-place systems

Food safe with conformity according to international regulation.


These filters typically operate in conditions with continuous temperature range from 20 ˚C up to 250 ˚C, dust and particles such as cosmetics, fertilizer, detergents, pharmaceuticals, pigments, coffee, cocoa, flour dust, powdered milk, sugar, yeast powder which are abrasive, agglomerating, explosive, fine, sticky, chemically aggressive, explosive, coarse etc.


The source of these contaminants could be dryers, mills, mixers, packing stations, silos, spray reactors, etc.


The gases which are considered harmful in these industries are H2O, NOX1, volatile chemical substances etc.


Plasma Datis offers filters tailored perfectly to the individual requirements of these sensitive and highly demanding industries made by well known, reputable companies.

The flow rate of sterile filters which we supply range from 40 to 8160 m3/h. They are designed for high pressure from 10 to 16 bar with stainless steel housing which prevents bursting or collapse of the filter candle from pressure shocks, vibration or hot steam sterilization.

Plasma Datis provides filters with sandwich construction design that provides an individual adaption of performance in all areas of filtration of gases or liquids.


Endurance tests by independent and neutral institutes have shown that the sterile filters we supply, performed more than 150 sterilization cycles without any claim. The filter media membranes also act as a seal between the stainless steel segments in the sandwich design of filter. The direction of flow can thus be reversed without any problems. Changing the filter media is a simple and quick operation.


The new filtration technology enables an absolutely safe filtration in all ranges of gas, air, compressed air, steam and liquid filtration.


Simplicity in changing the filter media by the user, reduces the operational costs compared to conventional filter candles up to %70. An additional advantage is the essential simplification of the spare part stock.


The great filtration range available from 0.2 to 300 micron is another advantages of sterile filters we supply.

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