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Packaging And Priniting


Packaging And Priniting

Compressors  and vacuum pumps cover many applications in these industries.

 Paper, packaging and printing industries use vacuum pumps and compressed air in a large number of applications.

Printing and packaging industries rely on vacuum pumps and compressed air in almost every stage of production.

Vacuum is required for variety of applications in the pre-press section such as preparing images and films for scanning or exposure and for copying printing plates. There are also many applications where over-pressure is required as well such as for guiding plates or film in automatic systems. Vacuum pumps are used for:

■ Film fixing

■ Plate copy equipment

■ Printing plate processing

■ Scanner

Pressure and vacuum are always needed for paper handling at the feeder to separate the sheets to feed the single sheets to the different color aggregate or to guide the sheets through the machine in classic sheet fed offset presses. In these sections, vacuum pumps and compressed air are used for:

■ Drying aggregates

■ Ionizing aggregates

■ Powder aggregates

■ Rotary offset machines

■ Sheet fed offset machines

Compressed air and vacuum are used in a wide range of applications in paper processing. They are used in areas such as side channel blowers for folding and cutting machines, pressure-vacuum pumps and individual vacuum pumps, pump and compressors for collating and book-binding machines or radial blowers for removing waste paper. Compressors and vacuum pumps are used for:

■ Air-tables

■ Book binders

■ Cutting machines

■ Envelope sealing machines

■ Folding machines

■ Gripper systems

■ Loaders and unloaders for cutting machines

■ Mail sorting systems

■ Pallet air lifts

■ Paper stack lifts

■ Paper joggers

Packaging industries are one the most diverse and fastest growing industries in the world, especially developing countries. Food products, pharmaceutical products, electronic goods, home appliances, spare parts for various industries and machines, … etc. use packaging machines for packing their final products and deliver them to their distributors or customers.

Vacuum pumps and compressors are essential components of packaging industries. They are used for:

■ Stamping

■ Folding or cartoning process

From automatic conveyer system in the confectionary factory, to pill packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, to pick and place applications in electronics manufacturing, intelligent controller systems rely on precise amount of vacuum and compressed air.

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