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Safety Industry

Safety Industry

Plasma Datis provides all types of polyester slings, lifting slings, tubular round slings, heavy duty round slings, pipe-laying slings, reefer lifting slings, cargo net, drum lifting slings, cargo lashings, industrial safety belts, work positioning belts, full body harness, energy absorbers, lanyards, self-retractable lanyards, safety sets, temporary anchorages, and connectors made by ALLSAFE company.



ALLSAFE is a leading  company with more than 18 years experience in manufacturing slings, full body harness, energy absorbers, lanyards,…..etc. in accordance with BS 3481 PT 2 1983 and EN 1492-1 norms. Slings made by ALLSAFE are manufactured with a safety factor of 6:1 or 7:1.


Polyester lifting slings are an excellent alternative to wire rope and chain slings. Some of the advantages of polyester slings are: they do not damage or dent the loads; they do not rust and can be used for lifting odd-shaped or fragile loads. Polyester webbing slings are highly resistant to acids (except concentrated sulphuric acid), and their elongation is only half as compared to nylon slings when under the same work load. Polyester slings comparing with wire ropes and chain slings of same size and capacity, are much lighter and occupy less space for storage.  Slings manufactured in accordance with BS 3481 PT2 1983


 ALLSAFE was established in 1998 in the Middle East, where they started as a sole manufacturer of polyester slings, cargo lashings and fall arrest products.
They rapidly grew on to become one of the leading manufacturers in the Middle East through their qualified and approved distributers.
Today, ALLSAFE manufactures and distributes a wide variety of polyester flat webbing slings, round slings, cargo lashings and special slings.
State of the art facilities for productions and quality control have been set up to ensure the highest standards for all their products.
Through aggressive marketing, ALLSAFE has made a strong impact in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe and they are now serving more than 25 countries worldwide.
In 2007, ALLSAFE had been taken over by the renowned Delta Plus Group, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange