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Air compressors are used in automotive industries in different sections.

Compressors have wide range of application in automotive industries. They are used in production line, assembly line, pneumatic tools, plasma cutting and welding, air operated robots, hydraulic equipments, tire inflation, product finishing, paint shops, tire manufacturing, automotive parts and accessories manufacturers and more.

Compressors are used for:

■ Checking brakes and other components under pressure

■ Airbags

■ Injection system under pressure

■ Checking the gastightness of components using helium

■ Checking valves and other fittings under pressure

■ Checking containers and coolant containers and heat exchangers

■ Testing combustion engines.

Technical specification of Compressors used in automotive industries:

■ Flow rate:                 50 to 2.000 m3/h

■ Pressure Range:         20 to 420 bar

■ Medium:                  Air, Nitrogen, Helium

Plasma Datis supplies compressors tailored to meet your requirements. We provide genuine guarantee certificates for all parts and services according to European and North American standards.

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