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High Pressure Storage

High Pressure Storage

High Pressure Tanks


High pressure tanks are used for storage of fluids, air and gas under pressures usually higher than atmospheric pressure. They are designed to be used in many industries.


In designing and manufacturing of pressurized tanks, following items should be considered:






          Based on this parameter and depending on available space where tanks are going to be installed and also customer’s requirements, tanks will be designed and manufactured horizontally or vertically.






          Pressurized tanks are usually used for gas, fluids or air. The other factor which is important to consider in design and manufacturing process is the material that is going to be filled in the tank.




Tank Wall


          The thickness of the tank is another key parameter which is determined by the kind of matter which the tank will be filled with and working pressure as well as working temperature.




Shape of Tank


          The geometry of tanks (spherical, cylindrical or conical), is also determined by customer’s preferences and of course by the factors mentioned above.


It is necessary to mention that pressure difference between inside and outside of a pressurized tank, is very important. Fatal accidents have occurred in the history of pressurized tanks, building, development and operation. Therefore in design, manufacturing and operation of these tanks, certain standards have been developed during decades of research and development in this field. Tanks are made according to regulations set by ASME in United States, PED in Europe, JIS in Japan, CSA in Canada and Australia and other international standards introduced by engineering authorities.


In designing and manufacturing of pressurized tanks, following fittings and accessories are considered as well:


Number and size of inlets and outlets, legs, discharge valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, level gauge, thermometer …… etc. according to customer’s request and other factors.






          Pressurized tanks are used for compressed air and other gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CNG, LPG, water, boilers, they are used in diving for supplying breathing air for divers, re-compression chambers, distillation towers, autoclaves, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, nuclear reactors, pneumatic systems, mining, hydraulic systems, fire extinguishers and many other applications.


Materials which are used for manufacturing of these tanks are steel, carbon steel, composite materials, polymers and copper.

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