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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Plasma Datis supplies centrifugal pumps for various industries.

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport water, sewage, petroleum, petrochemical fluids etc. in various industries such as:


Textile industries

Food industries

Waste water management

Chemical producing plants


Steel manufacturers

Oil and gas industries

Metal treating

Pulp and paper


 In textile companies they are used for bleaching of fabrics and silks. In food industries centrifugal pumps are used for refining sugar, bleaching and disinfecting.

In chemical factories and waste water treating plants, these pumps are used for purifying water, deodorizing sewage and industrial effluents.

For bleaching pulp, fireproofing and wood preserving, fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide, these pumps are used in paper industries and agriculture sector.

They are used in electronics companies for chip and metal cleaning and transferring acid waste.

Steel manufacturing use these pumps for steel and stainless steel picking, acid recovery and acid transferring.

For acidizing well and petrochemical purification, these pumps are used in oil and gas industries.

Chemical companies also benefit using centrifugal pumps, they are used for transferring catalyst, acid and neutralizing where needed.

For anodizing, electroplating and plating, centrifugal pumps are used in metal treating industries.

Target fluids for centrifugal pumps are:

Acetone                                CH3COCH3

Aluminum Fluoride                ALF3

Bromic Acid                         BrHO3

Bromine Water                     df

Calcium Hypochlorite           Ca(CLO)2

Chlorine, wet                       CL2/H2O

Chlorine, Dioxide                 CLO2

Chromic Acid                      H2CrO4

Cooper Chloride                 CuCL2. 2H2O

Ferric Chloride                    FeCL3

Formic Acid                        HCOOH

Hydrochloric Acid               HCL3
Hydrofluoric Acid                HF

Iodine                                  I2

Magnesium Chloride            MgCL2

Mercuric Chloride                HgCL2

Nitric Acid                           HNO3

Perchloric Acid                    HCLO4

Phosphoric Acid                  H3PO4

Phosphorus Trichloride        PCL3

Sodium Fluoride                  NaF

Sodium Hydroxide              NaOH

Sodium Hypochlorite          NaCLO

Sulfuric Acid                      H2SO4

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