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Heavy Industries


Heavy Industries

J.P.Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH compressors, hydrogen generators and oxygen generators have various applications in heavy industries. In designing Sauer compressors, working 24/7 without failure, low maintenance and operation costs, harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and humidity has been considered.

Heavy industries such as mining and excavation, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, steel production, metallurgy all rely on air compressors, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen generators in various applications through production process.

Metal Treatment

Modern manufacturing processes require speedy procedure, cost efficient and high quality products. In this area of industries, Sauer compressors provide innovative, integrated system solutions that allow you to supply a process with gases and remove them again and store them for use in the next step. Gas compressors supplied by Plasma Datis have low leakage rates with flexible design.

Compressors in metal treatment are used for hardening materials by:

■ Automotive suppliers
■ Aviation suppliers
■ Manufacturers of hardening furnaces
■ Autoclave manufacturers

Compressors used in this field have following technical specification:

■ Volumetric flow:          50 - 200 m3/h
■Pressure range:             20 – 40 bar
■ Medium:                     Air, nitrogen, helium

Oil and gas exploration and production

As the industries and population grow in the world, oil and gas consumption grow too and growing consumption requires new technologies and deposits which must be found to meet increased demand. Compressors supplied by Plasma Datis are used in a variety of applications in oil and gas industries.

They are designed for 24/7 operation and their robust construction allows them to be used virtually anywhere under extremely difficult environmental conditions such as exposure to saltwater, heat or cold.
Compressors supplied by Plasma Datis easily satisfy the criteria of nearly all classification societies such as ABS, DNV and GL and also comply with a range of other certification systems too. Besides our standard solutions, we also provide complex solutions to meet our customers’ specifications including mobile container-type units, gastight or explosion-proof designs, units featuring diesel or gas engines and even combinations of all of these.

Unique robust design along with other features makes them a perfect and ideal choice for using on board of ships and exploration vessels which use air guns to survey seabed around the world and starting diesel engines as well.

These compressors are used on oil platforms and rigs in order to compensate for natural movement of the sea to ensure that drilling and production can continue even when sea is rough.

They are used by marine research institutions, exploration firms and platform equipment suppliers for:

■ Air guns/surveying the seabed (Seismic application)
■ Motion compensation on board of floating crude-oil platforms
■ Rig tension
■ Water hammering
■ Subsea

Compressors used in this field have following technical specification:

■ Volumetric flow:          30 - 750 m3/h
■ Pressure range:            100 – 400 bar
■ Medium:                      Air, nitrogen

Nitrogen – generation and storage

Nitrogen is used to maintain the discharge pressure of a well or protect components against other media. It is used to create an inert atmosphere as well.

Nitrogen generators are used by petrochemical industry, oil-field suppliers and manufacturers of nitrogen generators and membranes for:

■ Creating an inert atmosphere
■ Drilling deep wells
■ Drilling systems
■ Revitalization of oil wells

Compressors used in this field have following technical specification:

■ Volumetric flow:          10 - 2000 m3/h
■ Pressure range:            20 – 400 bar
■ Medium:                      Nitrogen


Medium and high-pressure compressors are used in a wide variety of metallurgical applications which encompasses the entire range of processes for producing and using metals, metalloids and non-metals. Compressors supplied by Plasma Datis have long operating lives even under extreme environmental conditions.

Producing and forming steel

Medium and high-pressure compressors for air and gases play an essential role at steelworks. They are used to produce steel, alter the carbon content in the blast furnace and press the steel into slabs and treat them as well. Since they are essential components within the overall system, compressors must be manufactured to the highest quality standards and durable enough to withstand the extreme conditions of temperature and dust levels.

Compressors are used by steelwork operators, manufacturers of machinery used in steel production line, manufacturers of steel presses and engineering offices for:

■ Descalers- descalling
■ Raising pressure for steel presses
■ Argon and nitrogen for carbon treatment

Compressors used in this field have following technical specification:

■ Volumetric flow:          30 - 2000 m3/h
■ Pressure range:            16 – 400 bar
■ Medium:                      Air, Nitrogen, Argon

Mining and excavation

Plasma Datis supplies reliable compressors with robust construction and straightforward operation for coping with demanding situations encountered in the underground mining and excavation business. Whether there is a need for ATEX-compliant compressor or hydraulic motor drive, we provide medium and high-pressure compressors to suit the specific requirements. Even if you need a mobile design it is available equipped with a diesel engine and a container unit for use anywhere in the world.

Compressors are used by mines, mining companies and drilling companies for:

■ Drilling deep boreholes
■ Air supply for pneumatic tools
■ Neutralizing abandoned areas in mine

Compressors used in this field have following technical specification:

■ Volumetric flow:          80 - 2000 m3/h
■ Pressure range:            16 – 400 bar
■ Medium:                      Air, Nitrogen

Plasma Datis provides compressors, nitrogen generators and other medium and high pressure equipments for heavy industries made by renowned American and European brands with genuine guarantee and standard certificates.

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