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Pharmaceutical Industries


Pharmaceutical Industries

Compressed air is used in pharmaceutical industries.

Compressed air, sterile filters and air treatment is used in pharmaceutical industries for:

■ Process air

■ Control valve and cylinders

■ Material handling

■ Nitrogen Generation

■ Air curtains

■ Product drying

Process Air: Compressed air is directly used with products that come in direct contact with cleaning, aeration and product moving.

Control valves and cylinders: Equipment used in the manufacturing process is controlled by compressed air.

Material handling: Compressed air operated fluid pumping systems are used in volatile environments without risking explosions.

Nitrogen generation: Compressed air is filtered via a membrane to produce nitrogen used in a variety of chemical applications.

Air curtains: Compressed air is used as a curtain to create a safe and clean area.

Product drying: Compressed air is mixed with product to accelerate drying processes.

Plasma Datis provides air compressors, nitrogen generators, sterile filters and other accessories and parts manufactured by world-known brands for pharmaceutical industries.

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