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Nitrogen And Oxygen Generators

Nitrogen And Oxygen Generators

Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

Nitrogen generators are used in a wide range of industries such as:


Food Packaging: Using nitrogen for packaging food minimizes the amount of oxygen in the package and the risk of bacterial growth and helps to preserve quality of it and improves shelf life of food.




Blanketing: Since many industries use a wide variety of dangerous chemicals in manufacturing of different products, blanketing with an inert gas, such as nitrogen, ensures the chemical integrity and maximizes safety. Nitrogen is used for blanketing tanks which hold nitrogen. This layer of nitrogen controls oxygen concentration and humidity within the tank and protects the product from contamination, degradation and chemical change. It minimizes the risk of explosion. It also balances tank volumes and prevents collapse during unloading.




Injection Molding: Oxygen and moisture can cause serious problems with the final product in injection molding process. To eliminate both, oxygen and moisture, nitrogen is used in the process which results in better product quality, lower scrap, decreased material usage and maximized uptime.




Enhanced Oil Recovery: In oil and gas wells, after drilling is completed and primary production starts, only %12 to %15 of the original oil is recovered because of the continually depletion of the drive pressure of the well. In order to increase reservoir pressure and recover more oil, either carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas is injected into the well.




Mine Neutralization: Nitrogen is used in the mining industry for extinguishing coal mine fires or to inert abandoned areas of mines. Reducing oxygen content of the combustive gases below the lower limit of explosion is another effective method to extinguish coal mine fires.




Degassing Aluminum: Nitrogen is used for degassing aluminum during the extrusion process in aluminum companies. Nitrogen removes oxygen and helps the die cooling and improves consistency, decreases scrap and improves quality of final product.




Mechanical Gas Seals: Many large pumps and compressors contain mechanical gas seals that isolate compressed gases containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from leaking to atmosphere. In order to reduce the volume of gases containing VOC into the atmosphere, environmental protection agencies have instituted regulations limiting VOC emissions. The lubricating gas which is normally used to pressurize the seal is inert nitrogen which is safer alternative than natural gas and dry as well.




Boiler Layup: In order to save on gas consumption and cope with volatile energy demand, proper layup of the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) in boiler startup and shutdown is critical. Improper boiler layup causes corrosion and pitting on both the gas and water sides of the HRSG, maintenance issues, startup delays and water chemistry delays and other problems. Nitrogen, as an essential too, is used to help alleviate these problems and therefore has become the preferred technology.




Prevention of Flares Gas Blowback and Pipe Flushing: Natural gas flares are subject to blowback. A nitrogen blanket to the flame prevents this dangerous condition. Nitrogen can also be used to flush pipes that are used to transport flammable gases.




Oxygen generators are used in a wide range of industries such as:


Aquaculture: Fish farming is one of the industries which highly rely on oxygen generators. In fishery industry, they use ponds, large scale tanks, pools etc. for growing fish. When fish grow the density of fish increases in the ponds and therefore need for oxygen increases as well. Adding oxygen into the water prevents loss of fish also helps them to grow faster and healthier while brings down mortality rate below %1 if oxygen saturation level goes above %90.




Auto Repair / Muffler Shops: Oxygen generators are used in auto repair and muffler shops. They are more reliable and durable than O2 cylinders. Their ruggedness and durability plus liability and hassle free character, have made them more popular than ever.  


Bio-fuel Production: In this field of production, oxygen is used to increase the BTU level during the distillation process where raw product is converted into gaseous form. Oxygen purity levels can range from %90 - %95 depending on the process.


Brazing: Using oxygen generators for oxy-acetylene cutting, welding and brazing, is more economic and saves time and money while eliminates the need to move O2 cylinders forever. They are easy to operate and more reliable than O2 cylinders.  


Ethanol Production: Same as bio-fuel production process, oxygen is used to increase BTU level during the distillation process where raw product is converted into gaseous form.


Jewelry Manufacturing: In jewelry manufacturing, the furnaces used for melting gold for jewelry or connectors, have a silent enemy called oxygen. O2 discolors the product and can dangerously weaken gold. Any metal over 315 ˚C will oxidize in the presence of O2. The purity required for most metal applications is at most %99.99 with pressure between 30 100 psi. Most are purge and fill applications, but all can be accommodated with larger or multiple nitrogen surge tanks instead of pressure-boosting compressors.


Fish Hatcheries: O2 is essential for fish hatcheries. It has undeniable benefits for fish growth, health and maximizing population density. On site gas systems have been providing more than %95 O2 systems to fish farms and hatcheries around the world for over 20 years. Reliability, simplicity and ease of maintenance, particularly in the remote locations where aquaculture is located are some of the benefits of oxygen generators.


Glass Blowing: From large hand-blown Christmas ornament factories in Eastern Europe and Italy, medical and lab glass factories in Asia; light bulb manufacturers in Central America, to one-person shops in the US, glass blowers have been using On Site’s system for years. Individual artists who work in remote areas or in the suburbs, often cannot get oxygen companies to deliver O2 cylinders. What’s more, the high cost of O2 has put many small artists out of business. On Site’s O2 system is surprisingly affordable and eliminates the need to move O2 cylinders forever. Plasma Datis provides %95 O2 PSA unit which is simple, affordable, reliable and easy to operate.     


Gold Mining: On Site systems are operating now in some of the world’s most remote mines. Regardless of the altitude, climate, or conditions, oxygen generators operate without failure. By using oxygen to convert mineral sulfides to sulfates and processing them, gold yield can be more than doubled over standard ore gravity separation and concentration. By sparging %94 - %95 oxygen into a thickened flotation concentrate (which has been heated under pressure) an oxidized slurry results. Not only are U.S. sulphides converted to U.S. sulphates by the O2, but arsenic is converted to ferric arsenate. After neutralizing the oxidized slurry with lime, the slurry can be leached, and gold-bearing solutions recovered and filtered to create the additional yield. The volume of O2 required for the process dictates that the facility have easy access to either cryogenically produced, bulk liquid oxygen, or have the ability to produce its own oxygen. Even if cryogenic O2 is available from a reasonable distance, access for a bulk liquid carrier to the facility is usually a major issue. PSA produced O2 lends itself perfectly to such an application.


Ozone Generation: Medical ozone therapy is one of the most effective and beneficial ways of restoring optimal levels of oxygen to the human body. Oxygen regulates all of our activities. It is our most vital element for our well-being. Many scientist and doctors now believe that many health conditions are caused by the lack of oxygen. Healthy cells need oxygen to survive, and unhealthy cells like bacteria and viruses survive in the absence of oxygen. Oxygen therapy plays a vital role in maintaining your well-being. Oxygen along with food is the primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy. Oxygen therapy can add higher levels of oxygen to the working environment, raise energy levels, raise the immune system and increase your general vitality.


Sewage Treatment: Injecting oxygen into your treatment basin dramatically increases bacteriological survival and regeneration. Your aerobics are well protected by using supplemental O2 to keep your PPM level up — regardless of the conditions, even in hot climates or summer months when O2 levels are at their lowest, and consumption highest. The consistent, level demand of injected oxygen makes PSA-generated O2 ideal to keep your plant operating and capital costs down. A simple, reliable On Site system will provide years of O2 production, without the ongoing expense and hassle of delivered cryogenically produced oxygen.


Waste Water Treatment: oxygen is added directly into the waste water treatment plant in order to increase the effectivity of removing pollutants.

Plasma Datis Supplies Nitrogen Generators with Purity Up to %99.999

Custom Order with Flow Rate from 100 lit/hr Up to 300 m3/min

Our Oxygen Generators Provide Up to %99.9 Purity

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