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High Pressure Compressors

High Pressure Compressors

Plasma Datis is specialized in providing high pressure compressors for various industries.

High pressure compressors are used in maritime industries for:

  • Producing breathing air,
  • Automatic operation systems
  • Nitrogen services


Power-plant operators, diesel-engine manufacturers, engineering offices and contractors use high pressure compressors for:

  • Starting Air
  • NO× treatment


Gas-turbine power plants, combined heat and power plants use compressed air for various applications as follow:

  • Starting air for emergency power for the diesel engines
  • Purging air
  • Sealing gas (nitrogen)
  • Feeding in gas
  • Cooling the turbines using hydrogen


Steam power plants, coal-fired power plants, waste incineration facilities, turbine manufacturers and diesel engine manufacturers are some of main industries which rely on compressors for various reasons. They use compressed air for:

  • Desulphurisation
  • Removing fuel residues (soot Blowing)
  • NO× treatment
  • Cooling the turbines using hydrogen
  • Starting air for emergency power for diesel engines


Hydroelectric power plants, other hydroelectric facilities such as pumped- storage plants and turbine manufacturers use compressors for:

  • Braking air for pneumatic brakes
  • Adjusting turbine blades and large valves (e.g. governor)
  • Blowing air (blowing out the water to eliminate the load during starting)
  • Preventing pulsation and cavitation


Electrical substations, energy-supply companies, major industrial companies which have their own electrical substations, local operators of electrical substations are among other industries that use compressors for:

  • Extinguishing electrical arcs
  • Actuating open power switches


Local compressed-air networks in various infrastructures and natural-gas networks and renewable energies as well as energy-supply companies, gas-station manufacturers, gas-treatment companies also use compressors for:

  • Starting air
  • Desulphurisation
  • Feeding biomethane gas into the national and international network
  • Recovering gas lost as a result of leakage
  • Feeding natural gas and air into the relevant networks


Processing industry where materials and other substances can be converted, shaped, blended, cast or pressed, metal treatment industries, automotive suppliers, aviation suppliers, manufacturers of hardening furnaces use compressed air for:

  • Hardening materials
  • Pneumatic tools and machines
  • Desulphurisation
  • Removing fuel residues (soot Blowing)
  • Providing compressed-air for press machines


Checking and testing parts and products which are manufactured in various companies for different uses, are main part of quality control and research department of factories, universities, research centers, automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, manufacturers of valves and other fittings which work under various work pressure and manufacturers of pressurized containers use compressed air for:

  • Checking brakes and other components under pressure
  • Checking airbags and other components under pressure
  • Checking injection systems under pressure
  • Checking the gastightness of components using helium
  • Checking valves and other fittings under pressure
  • Checking containers under pressure


Plastic forming in the complex field of plastic industries is another field which uses compressed air.

Manufacturers of mobile telephones, automotive suppliers, manufacturers of housing for electronic goods, manufacturers of plastic bottles for drinks, oils, shampoos etc. and manufacturers of internal gas-pressure systems rely on compressed air for:

  • Internal gas-pressure procedure
  • Isostatic Forming
  • Manufacturing PET bottles


Laser metal cutting is another industry in which compressed air is used to boost the nitrogen with high pressure to ensure  that the cut surfaces are not contaminated by material of cutting dies and also the laser environment is  free from ambient air for optimum cut.

For achieving what is necessary for this field of industry which is used in metal treatment companies, manufacturers of machine tools for laser cutting and manufacturers of nitrogen generators/nitrogen membranes, compressed air is used for:

  • Creating an inert atmosphere surrounding the laser


Research and development of many companies, manufacturers, research institutions and universities are using compressed air for variety of applications. In engine development, starting of diesel engines in ships, automotive manufacturers, engine manufacturers, universities, metrological institutions, and automotive research institutions, compressed air is used for:

  • Metrology
  • Ultrasound wind tunnels
  • Nano-coating
  • Helium recovery
  • Crash test as part of vehicle development
  • Starting air
  • Natural-gas storage


Nitrogen generation and storage is a key procedure in many applications such as chemical manufacturers, tire manufacturers, manufacturers of fire-extinguishing systems, manufacturers of nitrogen generators and nitrogen membranes. In these industries, compressed air is used for:

  • Creating an inert atmosphere
  • Transporting media
  • Inflating aircraft tires
  • Filling fire-extinguishing systems


Manufacturing of composite materials which is also part of processing industry in both the wooden and plastic industries, are another fields in which compressed air is used.

In the process of composite materials, different materials are pressed together under the influence of pressure and heat in order to produce materials with special characteristic properties. Producers of wood-fibre composite materials, producers of plastic composite systems and manufacturers of autoclaves use air compressors for:

  • Filling and generating pressure for autoclaves
  • Raising pressure for wood presses


Offshore – Seismic Applications which are used for exploration of oil and gas on board of specially designed vessels are another area of using compressed air on even high seas.

On these vessels, air guns are used to survey the seabed around the world. Compressors are used on oil platforms also. They are used to compensate for the natural movement of the sea in order to ensure that drilling and production can be continued even when the sea is rough.

Marine research institutions, exploration firms, platform equipment suppliers use compressors for:

  • Air guns/surveying the seabed
  • Motion compensating on board floating crude-oil platforms


Generating and storage of nitrogen is essential for oil and petrochemical industries. Nitrogen is used to maintain the discharge pressure of a well or to protect components against other media.

Petrochemical industry, oil-field suppliers, manufacturers of nitrogen generators and nitrogen membranes use compressed air for:

  • Creating an inert atmosphere
  • Drilling deep wells
  • Drilling systems
  • Revitalization of oil wells


Compressors are used in pipeline-related services as well. They are used for transporting oil and gas through pipeline networks. Petrochemical industry and oil-filed suppliers use compressors for:

  • Cleaning pipelines
  • Checking pipelines


Compressed air is used in metallurgical applications where the entire range of processes for producing and using metals, metalloids and none-metals are involved.

Steelworks operators, manufacturers of machinery used on steel production lines, manufacturers of steel presses use compressed air for:

  • Descalers – descalling
  • Raising pressure for steel presses
  • Argon and nitrogen for carbon treatment


In mining business, mines, mining companies and drilling companies, compressors are used for:

  • Drilling deep boreholes
  • Hydraulic equipments
  • Pneumatic tools


In the aviation industries, airport operators and air-force bases, compressed air and nitrogen generators are used for:

  • Inflating aircraft tires using nitrogen
  • Starting turbines
  • Supplying aircraft systems


Where safety depends on compressed air and breathing air compressors, they are used for fire-extinguishing systems and supplying breathing air for fire fighters. Manufacturers of fire systems, company fire brigades and public fire stations, large diving centers use compressed air for:

  • Stationary fire-extinguishing systems
  • Supplying breathing air
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