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hygienics and Cosmetics


hygienics and Cosmetics

Compressors, air treatment systems, dryers, …… are used in detergent and cleaning aids manufacturing companies in a vast and different ways.

Compressed air is used in these companies for:

■ Loading and unloading tanks and trucks
■ Control air to drive the units on the plant premises
■ Production areaof the stretch blow molding plants where pet bottles are made
■ Wastewater recycling
■ Pneumatic conveying system
■ Pneumatic tools
■ Instrument air
■ Transport air
■ Plastic container plants
■ Off gas drying in PTA Plants

Loading and unloading tanks: Compressed air network with low pressure of 3 bars is usually used for loading and unloading tanks containing raw materials or other products for further process or other applications.

Control air: For most manufacturing plants a compressed air network of 7 bars is used as control air for driving units, controlling valves and cylinders in various sectors of production line.

Process Air: Compressed air is directly used with products that come in direct contact with cleaning, aeration and product moving.

Production of PET bottles: Stretch blow molding machines use compressed air with usually 11 bars pressure for producing PET bottles for detergents, cleaning liquids and powders and etc. in detergent and other manufacturing companies.

Wastewater recycling: In these industries, recycling wastewater and reusing it as industrial water, is on the rise due to environmental regulations and water shortage in many industrial sites. Environmental protection authorities in any country have specific regulations and water quality requirements for wastewater discharge and treatment. Now, every chemical and detergent manufacturing plant should have its own water treatment plant in order to recycle wastewater and reuse it in production process.

Pneumatic conveying system: Today’s technology and rise on electricity cost for production and other concerns such as global warming and CO2 emission caused by fossil fuels used in power plants, requires a cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly replacement for transferring materials and products in almost any industry. This utility which is known as fourth utility in today’s industries is compressed air. Pneumatic conveying systems which use compressed air, are much cheaper to run and more reliable. These systems increase the convey rate, improve efficiency, eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs, increase profitability, provide an automated system to unload and load tanks and trucks and improve process reliability as well.

Pneumatic tools: Compressed air is used for pneumatic tools after being treated and filtered to remove particles, moisture, oil and water droplets and other contaminants which could cause damage to air supply system and air operated tools.

Instrument air: Instrument air or pneumatic signals is often used for automated instruments in process industries. Instrument air is used for picking, pressing, mixing, moving, drying and placing materials, bottles and final products. Atmospheric air is filtered, compressed, treated by dryers and finally, it’s used as instrument air. The instrument air supply system is typically consist of filters, compressors, separators, aftercoolers, intercoolers and air dryers.

Transport air: Dry compressed air is used in many industries and systems to transport powdered or granular materials, such as soap or detergent powder, hops and urea. This air must be reasonably dry, clean and free of any contamination. Any moisture or other contaminants in the system will cause system blockage or poor quality of final products which leads to loss of time, materials and rejection of product.

Plastic container plants: In plastic and PET bottle manufacturing industries, compressed air is essential for blow molding, injection molding and other processes. In all mentioned systems, stable, reliable and clean compressed air with proper pressure is needed. In PET bottle blowing, high speed rotary machines use 600 psi (42 bar) compressed air to produce 20,000 bottles an hour.

Off gas drying in PTA plants: The “off-gas” stream leaving the process of PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) plant, is used as inert gas for all powder conveying, equipment purging, tank blanketing and bulk powder aeration operations, therefore it should be dry and clean. PTA is raw material used in making high-performance multi-purpose plastics such as polybutyl terephthalate  (PBT), PET and PTT.

Plasma Datis provides a wide range of air compressors and oil free compressors, nitrogen and oxygen generators to suit specific requirements and high standards of detergents, cleaning aids and beauty care manufacturing industries.

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